Christopher S. Henney Ph.D., D.Sc. Biography

Christopher S. Henney Ph.D., D.Sc.

Dr. Henney had served as one of Xcyte's directors since March 2005, and continued on as Vice Chairman of the Company. Previously, Dr. Henney co-founded three major publicly held U.S. biotechnology companies, Immunex, ICOS and Dendreon, and held a seat on the board of directors and executive positions at each company. From 1995 to January 2003, Dr. Henney was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dendreon Corporation. Dr. Henney currently serves as the Chairman of Oncothyreon, Inc. and Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and on the board of directors of AVI BioPharma, Inc. Dr. Henney received a Ph.D. in experimental pathology from the University of Birmingham and a D.Sc. from the same university for contributions to the field of immunology.

Dr. Henney is qualified for service on our Board of Directors based on his senior executive experience in biotechnology companies. Dr. Henney has extensive knowledge and educational background in the relevant industry and he provides the Board of Directors with valuable leadership skills.
Chairman of the Board